Don't Blink Life Goes By Quickly

I've heard it said for a long time that life goes by quickly and boy am I finding that to be true these days.

Last year my partner and were fed up with the weather in San Francisco. The summer was cold, gray and windy and it was really getting to us. We dreamed about living somewhere that was between 70-80 degrees, not really thinking there was anyplace like that. Within 7 days I talked with my cousin who was moving to Panama that week and he told me there was a town in Panama that had that climate. That make me feel excited and curious and I realized that the Universe was guiding me to something we had asked for.

So we visited. We went in the dry season. Then we went in the wet season. And then we decided to move.

First we thought we'd leave next March, but as time passed we realized that we wanted to go sooner. So we moved the date up to January 1, 2019. We stayed with that for a little while and, after many conversations, decided to move in mid-November. Everyone said the time would go quickly, but I didn't expect it to go this fast. 

One of my clients asked how I was dealing with all the todos. He wondered if I got paralyzed with all of the things that need to get done. Thankfully, I don't get paralyzed, I get into action. That's great for accomplishing things but it seems to be affecting my sleep. So in those early morning wakeful moments when my brain wants to worry about this or that, I try to make the conscious decision to appreciate my mate beside me, my bed below me, my pillow comforting my head.

People have asked if we will have a party before we go but we don't want to do that. It's hard for me to connect with people when I'm having a party and this time is so precious that I don't want to waste it.

I am determined to savor every moment. I want to appreciate the life I've had here in San Francisco for almost 30 years. I want to spend quality time with the friends and family that I have here, even though many say they will come visit. I don't want to live in the future, I want to be fully present in the now. Feel heart to heart, even the sadness of saying goodbye. It's such a rich time and I feel blessed to be making this move.

Kenny Chesney sings it so beautifully in his song He makes many salient points about how time flies in a blink of the eye. This song almost brings tears to my eyes and it also makes me determined to live my life to the fullest now!

I encourage you to reach for the stars, to dream your dreams and to let the Universe give you all that you are asking for. Try it, it's pretty nice!