being present

Dreaded Change! Or maybe not so dreaded.

When was the last time you made a big change in your life? Or when the Universe did it for you? How was it for you? Did you go with the flow, fight like a mad person, deny what was happening or just be with it? How have those choices served you?

Well, I’ve dealt with change in each of these ways at different times in my lifetime. Some had good results and others caused me, and others, great pain. One of the great things about having more years under my belt is that I can feel more than I ever have before. I can feel when I make a decision that causes me discomfort and when I make a choice that feels aligned within myself.

Sometimes when we make a change it feels really good. Other times we wonder what on earth we were thinking. A dear friend of mine said something that felt very powerful and has stuck in my mind. She said that she decided to look at the world thinking that something was done FOR her, not TO her. That simple change in perspective can change everything about your life. It allows us to be empowered and not victimized by any circumstance that we incur.

Change can be terrifying or it can be enlivening. I think of myself as an adventurer and that takes courage. I like that about me. Of course things happen that can feel scary or unsettling. That’s when friends, meditation, breathing, Nature, pets, therapists, coaches or whatever tools you use to center you come in handy.

People think that if they knew what was going to happen in the future that all would be good. They would make the “right” choice. The truth is that we never know what’s going to happen. We only know what is happening right now, in this minute. So let’s stop kidding ourselves and be here now. Make choices now and trust that you can and will navigate whatever comes next.

Last year I moved out of the United States. I didn’t do it because of the political climate. I didn’t do it because of the cost of living in San Francisco, although that was a contributor. I did it because I knew, without a doubt, that I wanted to live in a place where the weather suited me. A place where I didn’t live in my fleece because I was cold. A place that was warm but not hot. A place where my soul felt welcomed. Honestly, I didn’t consider that in advance but when I found Boquete I felt that feeling of being welcomed immediately. And, yes, some things have been difficult. I know without a doubt that the Universe has given me gifts beyond my comprehension. I’m looking forward to discovering them as I allow those insights in.