I help people find their joy again.


The way I see it is that we come forth into these bodies from Source, Spirit, Love, or whatever you call that greater thing. 

We start as pure love and then we get a little screwed up along the way by our families and other people. We lose our innocence and conscious connection to Source.

Yet Source still remains. That’s why it’s Source!

As adults, when we feel depressed, angry, anxious, or unhappy, we think it’s about some situation we’re stuck in, but that is only the surface of it. The deeper pain we face is our disconnection from Source.  


We’re all yearning to reconnect. But how?

Our emotions are our guides to getting reconnected with Source. Negative emotions are a sign that we need to re-examine how we’re thinking, feeling, and interacting with the world. Persistent unhappiness is our invitation to embark on a journey of self-discovery, learning how to better understand ourselves, take care of ourselves, and express ourselves fully.

It’s possible to be really happy.

The work I do with clients is about guiding them on their journey of re-connecting with Source, finding their inner authority, and finding flow in their lives again.

They experience possibility without fear; peace and understanding. The world looks brighter and more colorful. All the mental chatter gets softer so they can feel their hearts again. A feeling of love flows through.

They now know that there’s so much more, that everything is OK, that nothing is wrong, and that everything is possible.