What Happens When We Appreciate More?

When you think of the word, “Appreciation,” how do you feel? If you think of financial appreciation you know that’s about something (money or assets) growing or becoming more. Well it’s the same for us human beings. When we appreciate, on purpose, we grow and expand and bring more of what we want into our lives and others. Not only that, every time we are appreciating anything, we are enjoying life and doesn’t that feel great!

What I’ve noticed is that some people, including me, can have a hard time taking in appreciation or compliments That’s a very sad thing because so many people on this planet are dying to feel loved. And yet we don’t let the love that is coming our way in. What is that??

To tell you the truth, I don’t want to go figure out what it is. I want that to be part of my past and I want to let all the riches this Universe has to share with me move into me and through me. I know when I am in a state of appreciation everything flows more easily. I give and I receive and that’s a wonderful feeling.

Appreciating on purpose can change things. For example, if you have a mate or a job, or anything else for that matter, that is displeasing you, find things to appreciate about them. Do it until you can’t find anything else to appreciate and then find 2 or 3 more things. I promise, you will feel a difference.

Years ago I knew I had to see my father-in-law. You can see where this is going - I didn’t really want to see him. I walked through San Francisco for an hour trying to find anything I could appreciate about him. I finally came up with 3 things and I was so proud of myself (a little self appreciation there). Here’s the really cool thing, when I saw him next we had a really good time. He didn’t change - I did.

We are in charge of ourselves, our feelings, our thoughts and our emotions. Try appreciating and see if it helps. And, most importantly, send some appreciation to yourself. That’s when you’ll see that things really change.