From Freaking Out to Knowing All Is Working Out

TOOLS FROM THE TRENCHES: Here's what I learned this week. Our mindsets have so much impact on our lives.
On Friday I learned that I could have a cardiac ablation on Monday, July 31st, instead of on September 12. Needless to say, I FREAKED out. At least for a little while. Then I remembered that I wanted and prayed for this procedure to happen sooner than later like before August 12th when Mercury goes Retrograde. The Universe was giving me what I had asked for. Oh, yeah, all I had to do was say, "Yes," to the change of schedule. I realized that freaking out wasn't helping so I decided to do something else. With some attention to what I was thinking and how I was feeling, I was able to soothe myself over time.
I remembered as a little kid having to go to the dentist. Every six months I had cavities. Guess I ate too much sugar. My dentist did not use novocaine. I can still remember how much it hurt. I would think to myself, by tomorrow at this time it will all be over and that helped. So I employed the same mindset around knowing I was going to have part of my heart cauterized. I started thinking, 3 days from now, it will be over. In 2 days from now it will be over. Saturday I felt better and by Sunday I was in a really good space. I celebrated Joe Stinson's birthday, a man I love dearly. Got to spend time with his wife, Christine Stinson and his daughter Amy Louise Stinson and their family and just steeped myself in the love they emit.
We left the party, went to Santa Clara where the procedure was going to be done the following day. We wanted dinner so we went to Santana Row, walked around, basked in the warmth and had dinner. To my surprise (a little) I was still feeling good.
Monday morning rolled around and I was at the hospital by 6:30 am. The procedure took less time than they thought it would and I left for home by 1:30, driven home by my sweet Joyce Van Horn. That's another story.
Suffice it to say, I believe that my energy totally impacted this whole situation in a positive way. I feel great and, despite not being able to take my normal walks for a few days and having a pretty bruised thigh, my heart is fixed. I am relieved, proud, feel loved and cared for and (almost) ready to rock and roll! Thank you, friends, thank you Universe, thank you Abraham Hicks for teaching me about lining up my energy. I am blessed.