I’m not creative, or am I?

I used to think that I was the most uncreative person I knew. Everyone around me could do cool things; anything from painting, singing, cooking,  improvising a ritual, making dolls, playing music, moving a piece of cloth around in a way that looked stunning. Well, not me. I was a wanna be. I could follow instructions, sew with a pattern or copy someone’s work, but had no idea how to create something myself. The worst thing was that I judged myself about it.

I don’t know what happened, but something has changed. Even though a few years ago I created and designed a board game www.dotellthegame.com , I didn’t consider myself to be creative (go figure). But today when I was in the kitchen with my partner, she said that I was one of the most creative people she knew. What was funny about it was that I was able to take it in.

I have been taking pictures with my iphone lately and they are stunning. I was shooting the peonies today because I’m creating my own website and want cool pictures on it. Why shouldn’t they be ones that I’ve taken?  I’ve been cooking more and not just following the recipes but changing them around to suit me. It’s kind of a miracle.


Sunset near Winston-Salem NC

See, this is one of my photos. No, I haven’t photoshopped it. I haven’t figured that program out yet. What I am figuring out is that if I just go with what I feel inside and don’t censor it, things will come out smoothly and beautifully. One of the beauties of digital cameras is that we can delete, delete, delete. And another one is that we can play around with the photos and see what happens.

So next time you’re inspired to create something, let the energy flow, get curious and see what comes next. And remember, have fun!