Feeling Funky

Normally I pride myself on being happy, upbeat and positive. I've lived most of my life there.  I like it that way, a lot. However, lately that hasn't been my state of mind. Yeah, yeah, I know all about the law of attraction and how what you resist persists. I know how to breathe, how to look for things that make me feel better. I know that when I find anything to appreciate that helps too. I know how to tell a different story but for some reason I haven't been able to do any of these things long enough to get myself out of the state I'm in. And this drives me crazy!

I guess one positive thing that comes from this is that I now have more compassion for those who live in this less than happy space. I know so many people who have been on or are currently on antidepressants. I used to be against them, then accepting of them and even glad that they were around to help people. But it never occurred to me that  I'd ever think about taking them.

So, since I am not going to take pills to shift this I have to do it from the inside out. So, how will I do that? Hmmm, I just thought about a blog that I like a lot. It's http://dotellthegame.com/blog/ It's like reading my own beliefs written down. I just did it before writing this and found that I was able to take a deeper breath and relax. And soon I'm going to take a walk and listen to Abraham http://abraham-hicks.com That always breaks the spell for me.

So it's important to know that I do have tools to change how I feel. That if I'm focused and deliberate I can make a difference. And that what I have to share with others really does work, for them and for me.

I will admit that is a very good place to be.