Got Stuff?

How much stuff do we really need to have a happy life? Guess it depends on who you ask. The thing about "stuff" is that it all carries an energetic imprint. Maybe we were thinner when we last wore that beautiful item or we paid a lot of money for that software that just doesn't do the trick. That's all good fodder for beating ourselves up. What are we hanging on to? How good might it feel to let it go? The Universe doesn't like a void so whenever we let go of something there is something even better than can come in. However, if we're holding onto everything, there's no way anything new can come in.

Over the years we accumulate things. Some have meaning, others don't. In a lot of cases it's overwhelming to even begin to sort through this. Having a person with an outside eye and no attachment to the items can be really helpful. It's important that that person has no judgment about you and our stuff.

I was trying to help my father-in-law clean out some of his drawers. I came upon a ceramic blob that had been stashed away in a drawer for decades (no kidding). When I held it up to him he said that his daughter had made it - she's now in her 50's. Then he asked me if I wanted it. When I told him, "No," he belched out that I was not sentimental, and the blob went right back into that drawer. Bet you I'll have to do something with it when he dies and we have to clean out all his stuff!

I bet that if you clean up the clutter in your life you'll be able to move forward in your life. And if you need a hand, call Kathy. She'll help you and you'll have fun at the same time.