Kathy L. Jacobson has been doing life coaching since 1992, before coaching was coaching.

She is a Certified Life Coach and is trained in various modalities, including the Hakomi Method, Transformational Bodywork, Voice Dialogue, Reiki, Energy Work, and the teachings of Abraham-Hicks. Over the past 25 years, working with hundreds of clients, she’s woven these teachings together with her passion for human connection and spirituality, into a life, relationship, and end of life coaching approach that’s quite unique.

Her mission on the planet is to create a safe and loving space for people to trust and open up.

In her own childhood, Kathy experienced a lack of trust and safety, and had to get tough and fend for herself. She was intrigued by spirituality at an early age, which promised a better experience than she was having.

As an adult, a therapist once told her “Your work is to become softer” and a light bulb went off. This marked the beginning of a journey of opening up, trusting life, and courageously following her heart.

Kathy left her corporate job in 1990 to follow her passion for healing – both herself and others. She went from massage school to more emotionally-focused bodywork, to coaching.  Even after 25 years of this work in San Francisco, she’s still fascinated by this beautiful blend of body, mind, and spirit.

“I’m an optimist! When you get to know me, you’ll find I’m a lot of fun. I love to laugh and hear laughter. My cup is always half full. I have a natural curiosity about humanity. I’m a connoisseur, I’m all about transformation, cultivating potential, and bringing out the excellence in each one of us. I love Nature, adventure, traveling, loving and cats."

Her Approach

The following principles are foundational for the work Kathy does with clients:

  1. It’s OK to be happy. You get to choose whether you’re happy or unhappy. It’s not like the world is doing things to you. You get to decide what happiness means for you and create a life that fulfills your dreams. It can even be easy and fun!
  2. Connect with yourself. Connection starts with having a healthy relationship with yourself. Through self-reflection, self-soothing, and self-compassion, you’ll be in a place where you can connect with others without needing them to fill a hole in you. 
  3. Your body is really important. Your body speaks to you but you may not be listening. Pain, emotional or physical, is an indicator that something is off-balance. It’s important to listen to the message behind the pain and take action if you want to live a long time and feel good in your body.
  4. Love is always the answer. If you’re pissed off at somebody, what do you want to choose, resentment or love? Which is going to make you feel better? All the problems we face in relationships stem from an unwillingness to forgive, let go, and feel the love.
  5. Become your own authority. It’s a dangerous thing to rely on others to tell you who you are and how you should live. As a life and relationship coach, she would never tell anybody who they are. She will guide you to be true to yourself and find your own answers.

Do these principles resonate with you?