Let me tell you a story of how I think life works…

The way I see it is that we come forth into these bodies from Source, Spirit, Love, or whatever you call that greater thing. 

We start as pure love and then we get a little screwed up along the way by our families and other people. We lose our innocence and conscious connection to Source.

Yet Source still remains. That’s why it’s Source!

As adults, when we feel depressed, angry, anxious, or unhappy, we think it’s about some situation we’re stuck in, but that is only the surface of it. The deeper pain we face is our disconnection from Source. 

We’re all yearning to reconnect. But how?

Our emotions are our guides to getting reconnected with Source. Negative emotions are a sign that we need to re-examine how we’re thinking, feeling, and interacting with the world. Persistent unhappiness is our invitation to embark on a journey of self-discovery, learning how to better understand ourselves, take care of ourselves, and express ourselves fully.

It’s possible to be really happy.

The work I do with clients around the world is about guiding them on their journey of re-connecting with Source, finding their inner authority, and finding flow in their lives again.

They experience possibility without fear; peace and understanding. The world looks brighter and more colorful. All the mental chatter gets softer so they can feel their hearts again. A feeling of love flows through.

They now know that there’s so much more, that everything is OK, that nothing is wrong, and that everything is possible.

Are you ready to be really happy?


Life Coaching

Life coaching is designed for anyone who wants more out of their life. If you're having a rough time, it doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with you. It simply means that life is asking you to do something different, something outside of your comfort zone and something new. This can be a great opportunity for you. A life coach can help you with a wide range of experiences, including:

  • Being happier and more connected than you've ever felt.

  • Creating Abundance in all aspects of your life.

  • Creating a more meaningful life.

  • Feelings of Depression or of Being Stuck, Uninspired, Anxious, Unhappy, or Unfulfilled

  • Lack of Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

  • Realizations That You Are Overly Concerned with What Other People Think

  • Finding That You Aren't in Touch with How You Feel, That You Feel Numb, or That You Have Unhealthy Habits for Coping with Your Emotions

  • Work Troubles, Relationship Issues, Spiritual Struggles, a Break up or Losing a Job

  • Reestablishing the connection with your body.

Relationship Coaching

We all have a deeply felt need to feel passion, to be happy, to love and to feel loved. Unfortunately, you, like many people, may find yourself in a relationship that just isn’t going the way that you want it to. When this happens, a relationship coach can help you both as individuals and as a couple to break through those barriers and find a stronger, healthier, happier relationship. Relationship coaching may be needed in these and other circumstances:

  • Finding Yourself Fighting with Your Partner on a Regular Basis

  • Feeling Alone, Misunderstood or Unheard in Your Relationship

  • Having Difficulty Connecting with Your Partner

  • Feeling Dissatisfied or Sad, Despite Being in a Relationship

  • Realizing That Your Sex Life Has Dwindled

End of Life Coaching

In general, people often find it difficult to face the fact that their life will end. We avoid death and even the idea of death. We don’t want to talk about it, we don’t want to face it, and we are all too often unprepared for its inevitable arrival. An end of life coach can help you face the fears and anxieties that often accompany your acknowledgment of your own mortality. I’m here to listen and to help you through the emotional turmoil that surrounds impending death, such as:

  • Making Sure That You Have Your Affairs in Order

  • Sharing Your Feelings with the People You Love

  • Determining Your Beliefs About Death and What Comes Next

  • Understanding and Facing Any Fears You May Have About Death

  • Planning and Arranging Your Funeral in Advance if Desired

If You Want to Feel Really Good, I Can Help You

Some of the benefits of working together include:

  • Gaining Workable Tools for Creating the Kind of Life You Want

  • Feeling Less Fear and Anxiety

  • Learning How to Be Happier and More Fulfilled and Having Fun

  • Understanding the Connection Between Your Body and Your Emotions

  • Improving Your Communication and Relationships, Starting with Your Relationship with Yourself

  • Experiencing More Possibility, Understanding, Peace and Flow

Are you curious whether we're a good fit?

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