Fulfilling Work = Happiness

People ask me what kind of work I do. It’s a great question. The only problem I have is in giving the answer. I do so many things that all weave together to help my clients have a happy, fulfilling life. It all begins with my intention to help them connect with themselves, their Higher Self and their inner knowing.

That might sound a little woo woo to you but it’s really not. I remember in 1990 in massage school, the instructors emphasized the importance of helping clients feel their connection with themselves and their body. We, as their massage therapists, were the conduit of that understanding. The purpose was to help them feel the wholeness of who they were, that their arms were attached to their torso, that their legs were connected with their feet, etc. Over the years  I have taken that to a deeper level which includes not only touch but teaching clients how to understand and enhance their connection with themselves.

I began by learning different types of massage therapy. Along with that training came meditation, yoga and other alternative healing techniques. As I massaged people, sometimes emotions came up and that intrigued me. I wanted to have a way of helping people move through those feelings too, as well as helping them feel good in their body.

So I took the Hakomi training. This is s an elegant, comprehensive and highly effective approach to human change and development. I loved learning this method and applied it immediately. The results were fantastic! I could work with clients on the table or off the table. Hakomi emphasizes mindfulness, connection (which they call Organicity) and other Buddhist principles including non-violence.

At the same time I studied shamanic practices with the intention of putting together a practice that would support clients to the fullest to enhance their lives.

I continue to learn. I became a Certified Life Coach and am always studying something. It’s part of the fun.

For over 10 years I have studied the teachings of Abraham-Hicks. This body of work has been what has tied everything together for me. It’s a beautiful understanding of how the Universe works, how we can create what we want and how we unconsciously get in our way. It is the most loving approach to being human that I have ever found. It’s given me the language to express what I know and what I’ve learned. The more I understand it, the better my life has become.

I am happiest when I am connected with myself, my Source and my heart. This is the kind of work that I do. I can honestly say that doing fulfilling work does equal happiness for me. I feel like I'm making a positive impact on my clients, not to mention the fact that I learn about myself all the time.

Life is very, very good.