Fun ways of getting connected

We surely can take ourselves way too seriously. At least I can. So one thing that I do that helps me laugh, look at myself in a slightly different way, get to know others better and create community is to play games. Or at least one in particular - Do Tell the Relationship Game. Check it out at Do Tell and see what you think. I hate to admit it but sometimes I believe that someone else thinks there's only one way (for me) to do something and I might get it wrong. In my work I tell my clients that there is no right or wrong way. In my heart of heart, I believe it. So playing a round of Do Tell shows me that there are many different ways to do things.

When we were playtesting the game, a woman acted out the card, "Demonstrate how you take a shower." I was shocked and delighted to watch her because she did it differently than I do. We can get stuck in our ways and, fortunately, we can do something about that.