Change Can Be Good, and Usually is if You're Unstoppable

This past year has been a doozie. We got an eviction letter in March, 2013. Our landlords expected us to be out of the house by June 1st. We freaked out. Everything you hear about housing in San Francisco is pretty right on. And we love it here. We didn't want to leave and we haven't. Well, we did change location but not until 3 weeks ago. Early in 2013 my partner's father began declining quickly. A lot more attention had to go to his care at the same time we were trying to deal with our upcoming move, not having any idea when we would be legally evicted.  Joyce's father died at the beginning of January and then the race was on. The legal eviction came about 2 months ago.

We had to deal with her brother who had never lived away from home before. I found him an apartment, paid his first month's bills, hired movers, put his extra stuff in a storage place and made home for him.

I cleared out 50 years of junk that had piled up in that house. I'll give you an example: many years ago I had found a pair of scissors marked, "Bad scissors." Well, I found those same scissors in the garage. This time I took the pleasure of throwing them out!

Then I had to do the same thing with our home. We'd lived there for 20 years. I'm not a hoarder by any means but I surely saved up a bunch of things over those years. So after cleaning up after Joyce's brother and father, I had to do the same thing with myself. I couldn't believe that we were being evicted right now. A lesser person would have fallen apart.

But not me.

I decided to be unstoppable. To let the change change me. To go with the flow. To be happy. To stay connected. More to come.

Choose to be unstoppable
Choose to be unstoppable